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John Shehata
John Shehata

Occupation: Executive Director of Search for ABC News, ABC.com, ABC Family and Oscars.

John Shehata leads the search engine optimization and social media online strategies for ABC News and TV shows. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations of his SEO social media teams, he is responsible for developing and implementing high-level strategies for developing and optimizing online content, news, videos, and social presence for ABC News.

Shehata has trained many of the writers, bloggers, journalists, and editors on SEO and how to write news while keeping SEO top of mind. Prior to ABC News, Shehata was the director of SEO and social media for Advance Internet Inc., a group of websites owned and operated by Advance Publications Inc. (Conde Nast Sister Company.) He managed SEO for 12 local news web sites affiliated with over 35 daily newspapers. He has written several articles on search engine marketing and continues to speak at conferences around the country that focus on SEO for news and social media.

If News is that Important it will find me!

Shehata started as a Java Developer, and then moved to programming web based applications. In 2001 he started developing web sites in PHP, and discovered SEO :)

SEO is not just a job for me, it is a passion.

, Shehata worked on all types of site; small and large, fortune 500 and 1000 companies, English, Arabic and Spanish sites.

Shehata believes a true SEO Specialist must have technical and editorial skills. SEO specialists must know how develop a vision with clear strategies and tactics.

5 main skills an SEO Specialist must have:

1- Technical Background: analyzing code, understanding new technologies and its effect on SEO

2- Editorial Skills: An SEO Specialist must be able to write good copy, i am saying to be a reporter or and editor but only to have the ability to write good content. Keyword placement is not stuffing keywords in the text, it is an art that is gained through practice and experience.

3- Keyword Research: Keyword research is not just research keyword popularity, but understanding search trends, search intentions, search cycle, KPI, conversion points, etc.

4- Strategy and Tactics: Knowledgeable specialists are good in good in tactics, but a good SEO is implementing tactics to serve the main strategy and vision for the site. Strategy comes first then tactics.

5- Innovation: think out the box, don’t be afraid to try new techniques, discover and research.

I specialize in News Optimization, so far i trained over 25 newspapers on writing for the web and optimizing for Google News. Here are some of the newspapers i trained:

The Birmingham News,

The Plain Dealer

The Republican

The Ann Arbor News
The Flint Journal
The Grand Rapids Press
Kalamazoo Gazette

New York
The Post-Standard

New Jersey
The Star-Ledger
The Express-Times

New Orleans
The Times-Picayune

The Oregonian, Hillsboro Argus

The Patriot-News

Staten Island
Staten Island Advance

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