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2/19/2009: Hearst Magazine Increased Web Traffic By 150% with SEO and WordTracker

10/29/2008: Shakes up its web presence, the website of the free UK newspaper, has appointed Edinburgh agency Shake to work on its social media marketing and search engine optimization.

10/28/2008: Christian Science Monitor Goes Online-Only and Drops Print Daily Edition
In the first of what could be a series of print newspaper closings, the Christian Science Monitor has announced the end of its daily print format and its switch to a Web-based publication.

Starting April 2009, the 100-year-old news organization will no longer publish daily physical newspapers and will focus its content on the Internet. It will, however, publish a weekly print magazine.

The new daily edition of the Monitor will be available by paid subscription and delivered as a PDF file via e-mail Monday through Friday. The weekly print edition will cost $3.50 per copy or $89 for a year’s subscription. The print edition will feature more in-depth content on high quality 10-by-12-inch paper.

10/24/2008: ABC News Cancels Its Newspaper Subscription – FOREVER!
The New York Observer reported on October 24, 2008 that ABC News was canceling their magazine and newspaper subscriptions! ABC News president David Westin announced cuts in administrative expenditures to better align their budget with the tough economic climate. Here is an excerpt from his statement:

As of December 1, we will cancel all subscriptions (newspaper and magazine) for executives and production employees and move them to on-line. This change will have the added benefit of helping the environment.

10/23/2008: Reddit and UK Newspaper ‘The Independent’ Team Up
Social news / ranking / aggregator site Reddit has partnered with British Newspaper The Independent to offer Reddit-independent functionality to the newspaper site. Social news site Reddit, was acquired by Conde Nast’s Wired Digital division two years ago.

10/16/2008: Tribune Gives Notice It Will Drop AP
Tribune becomes the first major newspaper group in the country to give AP the required two-year notice to drop the service. Of course, it remains to be seen if Tribune plans to cancel or is using the notice as negotiation leverage. But it seems these cancellation notices are gaining momentum as the newspaper industry continues its agonizing decline.

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