Google News indexes bad headlines from Huffington Post

I am not sure if it is a newsroom work-flow issue or just a glitch on Google News but recently I started noticing more stories from Huffington Post with bad headlines like “Submit This Story” in Google News. Currently there is 331 stories with this headline in Google News in the last 30 days …

While huffPost is doing a great job optimizing their stories and headlines for Social Media and SEO, some SEOs have used A/B testing to optimize their headlines for better click throughs.

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Twitter https: Ignoring SEO 101 Basics

if you are a frequent user of twitter you might came across this page before …
Twitter - Ignoring Basic SEO

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Google, Yahoo & Bing Top Searches for 2009

Megan Fox and Michael Jackson Top Yahoo's Most Searched Terms in 2009
Google News
As you see from the list, users still search using 1 of 5 patterns:
Full Names (Michael Jackson, Bernie Madoff, Rush Limbaugh, Sonia Sotomayor, …)
Locations (Iceland, California, …)
Hot Subjects (cash for clunkers, unemployment rate, universal health care, …)
Organizations (heritage foundation, …)
Events (NASCAR, …)

Read More is placing PPC ads for my name on Google — Cool

I got an email from today that I reached 90% repscore and they added premium placement for my name in Google …

Congratulations, your RepScore is now at Level 9 or better. We are attempting to add a Premium Placement for your name in Google*. Please visit your RepScore Details to see what you can do to keep your RepScore at Level 9 or better.

*Your free premium placement will typically appear on the first page of Google results in the ‘Sponsored Links’ section for searches on your name. Placements are limited to $10 in spend. We reserve the right to remove or discontinue placements at any time.

I just started using and I will update you sometime in the future on vs. Placing PPC Ads for my Name on Google

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Google, The Cofession Booth: Top 20 Online Confessions

I am Alone
Source: Flickr uploaded by … Penny’s

I don’t know much about psychology but I believe confessions make us feel some how better. It came to me that confessions don’t only take place at church but online as well. There are religious confession sites and there are other confession sites that are just naughty. But Google by far is the largest confession booth.

We are what we search for

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complaints, reviews, rip off & scam : 4 pages every SMB site must have

The title says it all. Complaints, reviews, rip off & scam are 4 searches that every commercial site, product and service provider should be aware off. Once your users started searching for these keywords + your business name, service or product, you know you have a problem.

complaints Google suggestions

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Creating SEO Friendly Maps – my first SEOmoz post

My first post on on creating SEO friendly maps just got published, check it out and let me know! You may also want to check my post on creating SEO friendly Widgets.

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