Speaking at WordCamp Mid-Atlantic 2009

I will be speaking in Baltimore, MD at WordCamp Mid-Atlantic 2009 on SEO for WordPress. I will be presenting with Sri Nagubandi on a joined session. I am not confirmed yet. I will update the post with more info …

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Speaking at SES NY 2009

John Shehata at SES NY 09I was asked to speak at SES NY 2009 on News Search SEO, few years ago I was attending the conference so eager to learn as much as possible.

I have learned a lot in the training sessions, but i learned way more in the hallways and at the lunch tables. The 2 most important principles I learned:

1. Don’t Eat Alone: this is the most important principle you should follow not only in conferences, but everywhere. Networking can land you your next job, you next girlfriend, and sometimes your next speaking opportunity. I learned this from a close friend, Sri Nagubandi.

2. Be Sincere and Don’t Hold Back: if you can help with a sincere professional advice, please do. Speakers who follow this simple concept get respect, appreciation and eventually more business. This is something I learned from Rand Fishkin and Stephan Spencer. Rand and Stephan are rear breed of professionals, make sure you follow their blogs. Rand advices in his unofficial guide to speaking at SES to provide at least one “killer” piece of advice every 4-5 minutes. You have to be cautious about what you say especially if you repressing your company, you don’t want to give sensitive information that can hurt your company or benifit your competitors.

I will be speaking on SEO for News Search Engines, News search engines (Google News, Yahoo News, etc) offer a great opportunity to receive quality targeted traffic related to breaking or seasonal news or to help with a PR (public relations) launch. I will be speaking along with Greg Jarboe (President & Co-Founder of SEO-PR), Lisa Buyer (President & CEO, The Buyer Group), Dana Todd (CMO, Newsforce). Mark Jackson (SEW Expert & President/CEO, VIZION Interactive) will moderate the session.

To know little bit more about me, view my ‘John Shehata Bio‘. You can also follow me on twitter. Looking forward to seeing you in SES NY 09.

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Good Movies don’t get bonus features!

I enjoy watching movies, i even consider myself a decent movie critic. Many times when i rent a movie, the movie has no bonus features which pisses me off.

So i started tracking which movies that has no Bonus Features and i came up with a theory that i think could be accurate …

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WSJ.com: Can I comment without paying a subscription fee?

Bill Tancer just started a new column in WSJ.com, i went to check his latest post and I was eager to comment but little I knew …

It seems that I need to subscribe to WSJ.com in order to add a comment. Is it the first rule of engagement making it easy for online users to comment on news and blog posts, Isn’t it??? …

WSJ.com Comments for Subscribers Only!

The tricky part is you actually don’t need to subscribe, I think, all what you need to do is to click “register for FREE” link in the header. So i did register and submitted my comment but nothing happened …

I am still investigating this, Gosh why it is so hard …

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Super Bowl Google News is Down

I was just checking Google News, and I got 502 server error. It seems that Google News server(s) is down.

Super Bowl Google News is Down

It seems Google recently had some major errors, Times Online reports Google was shut down for 40 minutes due to a human error in 1/31/2009

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Verizon Sucks – Reputation Management

I was searching today for a new cable/internet/phone service with the option to get a DVR; my Comcast bill went so high after my 1 year promo rate ended.

I start searching for other options that are available in my area and it seems i only got Verizon and Comcast in my area. So i refined my search to find “verizon triple play dvr” and guess what i got?

“Verizon Triple Play Sucks” was my first result in Google, talk about reputation management …
verizon sucks - Reputation Management

A college of mine noticed that the results are different today, “Verizon Triple Play Sucks” is in the second page. That was quick … Actually not

If you notice the screen shot above, you will notice the following phrase “Customized based on recent search activity” …

So my results we customized which what we call “Personalized Search” …

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Top Questions Americans Ask / Search Online

I was inspired by Bill Tancer book ‘Click: What Millions of People Are Doing Online and Why It Matters’. Bill demonstrates how our online searches reflect who we are.

So i thought let me search for what questions American users ask online; I used Google Keyword Tool with Match Type set to exact and searched for Who, What, Where, How, Why, and When.

questions we askImage Credit
Some of the questions I found were extremely shocking and I wonder why would anyone ask such questions? Just keep reading and discover for yourself.

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