Google News indexes bad headlines from Huffington Post

I am not sure if it is a newsroom work-flow issue or just a glitch on Google News but recently I started noticing more stories from Huffington Post with bad headlines like “Submit This Story” in Google News. Currently there is 331 stories with this headline in Google News in the last 30 days …

While huffPost is doing a great job optimizing their stories and headlines for Social Media and SEO, some SEOs have used A/B testing to optimize their headlines for better click throughs.

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Bill Tancer just started a new column in, i went to check his latest post and I was eager to comment but little I knew …

It seems that I need to subscribe to in order to add a comment. Is it the first rule of engagement making it easy for online users to comment on news and blog posts, Isn’t it??? … Comments for Subscribers Only!

The tricky part is you actually don’t need to subscribe, I think, all what you need to do is to click “register for FREE” link in the header. So i did register and submitted my comment but nothing happened …

I am still investigating this, Gosh why it is so hard …

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Online News Sites, Newspapers & SEO

Online News, Newspapers and SEOThis is a time line for all news & newspaper related news. We will list the latest updates on online news, print newspapers, news headlines and SEO. This page will be updated frequently.

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The New York Times ends paid subscription fees

the drops paid subscription fees in favor of ad impressions. Though The New York Times generates over $10 million in revenue from paid subscriptions of their newspaper’s archives from 227K users, the change was inevitable.

senior vice president and general manager, Vivian L. Schiller, of, said:

But our projections for growth on that paid subscriber base were low, compared to the growth of online advertising.
What wasn’t anticipated was the explosion in how much of our traffic would be generated by Google, by Yahoo and some others.

* according to Nielsen/NetRatings, The New York Times’s site has about 13 million unique visitors each month. Ms. Schiller would not say how much increased Web traffic the paper expects by eliminating the charges, or how much additional ad revenue the move was expected to generate.

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