complaints, reviews, rip off & scam : 4 pages every SMB site must have

The title says it all. Complaints, reviews, rip off & scam are 4 searches that every commercial site, product and service provider should be aware off. Once your users started searching for these keywords + your business name, service or product, you know you have a problem.

complaints Google suggestions

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Verizon Sucks – Reputation Management

I was searching today for a new cable/internet/phone service with the option to get a DVR; my Comcast bill went so high after my 1 year promo rate ended.

I start searching for other options that are available in my area and it seems i only got Verizon and Comcast in my area. So i refined my search to find “verizon triple play dvr” and guess what i got?

“Verizon Triple Play Sucks” was my first result in Google, talk about reputation management …
verizon sucks - Reputation Management

A college of mine noticed that the results are different today, “Verizon Triple Play Sucks” is in the second page. That was quick … Actually not

If you notice the screen shot above, you will notice the following phrase “Customized based on recent search activity” …

So my results we customized which what we call “Personalized Search” …

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Matt Creamer (Ad Age Reporter) reputation management via SEO

Matthew Creamer, an Ad Age reporter, shared his name with a bunch of people who were not Ad Age editors and they definitely got more link juice than him.

He turned to SEO to help him managing his reputation online, creating his own blog and a bunch of Facebook and MySpace accounts.

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Politics & SEO:

1- SEOmoz has reported that some political candidates needs real SEO help, they have mentioned some examples:
John McCain’s site ranks #68 for a search on “John McCain” in Google.
» Read the political SEO landscape article at SEOmoz

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