Twitter https: Ignoring SEO 101 Basics

if you are a frequent user of twitter you might came across this page before …
Twitter - Ignoring Basic SEO

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Nintendo Wii site 256% increase due to SEO

Thursday, 06 Dec 2007 10:37 reported that The Nintendo Wii is so sought after by British consumers that one website which sources the console has increased its market share by 265 per cent during November alone.

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IainMutch Prestige and Classic Car Sales appoints SEO Firm

The prestige and specialist car buyers,, have appointed Kes Phelps SEO Consulting ( ) to produce and implement a search engine optimization and marketing campaign for their website Kes Phelps SEO Consulting will work closely with to increase online visibility of the company’s free specialist, sports, prestige and classic car online valuation service; using a range of online media including natural search, paid search and social media marketing.

Read More adopting search engine optimization best practices reported that Online auction site has announced a major redevelopment of its web presence to allow it to adopt search engine optimisation (SEO) best practices.

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SEO Over-Optimization Penalty (OOP)

While many SEOs claim this is a myth, a lot of us see it happening everyday. I am discussing “white-hat” tactics that may cause over-optimization penalties. Hitting the over-optimization filters in Google is also called “-950 penalty” because site rankings get demoted 950 positions.

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Politics & SEO:

1- SEOmoz has reported that some political candidates needs real SEO help, they have mentioned some examples:
John McCain’s site ranks #68 for a search on “John McCain” in Google.
» Read the political SEO landscape article at SEOmoz

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SEO Mistakes

There are some fatal SEO mistakes that can hurt your site, here is a list that will be updated on a regular basis

  • Duplicate title among multiple pages; each page should have its unique title meta tag
  • Duplicate description; each page should have its unique description meta tag
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