Google SEO Ranking Factors & Link Value Factors Simplified – 2007

Google SEO Ranking FactorsEarly this year published search engine ranking factors 2007 document, they asked 37 well known SEO Gurus in the world of Organic search engine optimization to vote on the importance of a variety of Google Search Engine Ranking Factors that comprise Google’s ranking algorithun. Here is a summarized table of all factors in order of importance.

“it is my opinion that 90-95% of the knowledge required about Google’s algorithm is contained below.” Rand Fishkin said.

Ranking Factors are classified under 4 categories:

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Flash Optimization

Spiders can’t “digest” flash objects and JavaScript that well, links and text in flash are not followed or indexed.
The use of flash objects in the page layout sometimes could be necessary, but avoid having all your pages designed entirely in flash.

Acceptable uses of flash:
– Product demos and presentations
– Online videos

Dangerous use of flash:
– Entire site in flash
– Navigation menus

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SEO & Image Optimization

Spiders can’t read images, so you should replace images by text whenever it is possible. It is understood that sometimes design requires graphic headers and images, but if the image only contain text, you should consider using text instead.

Few things to consider when creating your images:
– All your images should have alt attribute

– All visible meaningful images should have alt attribute text
some great alt text here
– Alt text should be representive to what the image is about
– Use keywords in your alt text but avoid stuffing
– Try not to exceed 5-7 words in your alt text

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