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I was inspired by Bill Tancer book ‘Click: What Millions of People Are Doing Online and Why It Matters’. Bill demonstrates how our online searches reflect who we are.

So i thought let me search for what questions American users ask online; I used Google Keyword Tool with Match Type set to exact and searched for Who, What, Where, How, Why, and When.

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Some of the questions I found were extremely shocking and I wonder why would anyone ask such questions? Just keep reading and discover for yourself.

Please Note: I refined my search in Google Keyword tool to filter out keywords that doesn’t reflect a question search but are more for famous songs or videos like “where da cash at” or “where brooklyn at”. I also filtered all keywords that didn’t have any previous search history trends or didn’t have enough data for the month of October.


1. where do babies come from
2. where is dubai
3. where is washington dc
4. where do polar bears live
5. where is amsterdam
6. where is aruba
7. where is mt everest
8. where do monkeys live
9. where can i find a job
10. where is hong kong
11. where is my order
12. where is trinidad
13. where can i buy a nintendo wii
14. where do pandas live
15. where is bora bora


1. what is internet
2. what is global warming
3. what is diabetes
4. what is energy
5. what is hpv
6. what is matter
7. what is gout
8. what is java
9. what is science
10. what is ethics
11. what is family
12. what is gravity
13. what is html
14. what is leadership
15. what is marketing
16. what is url
17. what is a community
18. what is a short sale
19. what is bipolar
20. what is life


Ever wondered why “sex for dummies” book sell so many copies?
1. how to make money
2. how to make out
3. how do i breathe
4. how to make a resume
5. how to fin*** a girl
6. how to masterbate — misspelled
7. how to pick a lock — why would people ask such a question
8. how to draw naruto
9. how to f***
10. how to write a letter
11. how to draw pokemon
12. how to fight
13. how to find people
14. how to find someone
15. how to get rich
16. how to make a bow
17. how to make soap
18. how to make wine
19. how to talk dirty
20. how to tattoo


Very philosophical questions.
1. why love
2. why people lie
3. why try
4. why abortion is wrong
5. why islam
6. why volunteer
7. why pray
8. why teach
9. why am i depressed
10. why lie
11. why read
12. why ask why
13. why catholic
14. why do people die
15. why get an mba
16. why god


very christian questions
1. who is the antichrist
2. who is calling
3. who is the holy spirit
4. who is the pope
5. who is hiring
6. who is the banker on deal or no deal
7. who is phone number
8. who is cupid


Mostly dominated by pregnancy questions
1. when will i die
2. when do you ovulate
3. when am i going to die
4. when do i ovulate
5. when is hurricane season
6. when to take a pregnancy test
7. when can you get pregnant
8. when did i conceive
9. when do women ovulate
10. when can i get pregnant
11. when to get pregnant
12. when am i ovulating
13. when is spring break
14. when did i get pregnant
15. when did the titanic sink
16. when to break up
17. when is ovulation
18. when to use a comma
19. when to conceive
20. when to plant grass

Now, do you believe search can reveal who we are? I personally beleive what we search for online is a TRUE refelction of us and our society; as we search online for things that sometimes we can’t ask in public.

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