Twitter https: Ignoring SEO 101 Basics

if you are a frequent user of twitter you might came across this page before …
Twitter - Ignoring Basic SEO

it is obvious that there are some SSL issues here, but what does this have to do with SEO? Doing some simple investigative work you will find the following:

1. twitter uses relative links on https pages, so all the http links on these pages get spidered as https links. This is one of the major SEO issue we reported in the 45+ SEO Site Audit Check Points

2. I also believe that and variant applications are linking to https URLs on

3. Once Google and other search engines find and spider a https URL they treat it as a totally different URL than the same exact http URL. They start spidering this https URL and follow all links URLs included on these https pages.

This causes multiple SEO issues:

1. Page Equity (PageRank) dilution:
Yahoo Explorer reports over 67,000 links to page alone, all these links increases PageRank for that page

Google PageRank for is 9/10 (2.7M incoming links from external sites)
Google PageRank for is 8/10 (67K incoming links from external sites)

Almost 2.4% of incoming links are going to the https page. This is huge! Imagine if all these links were consolidated to 1 URL instead of 2, may easily have 10 PR

2. Content Duplication:
Many twitter profile pages can be found in multiple URLs with the same exact content
CNN has over 100 URLs to its twitter profile
CNN Twitter

3. Users Confusion & Bad Links:
Many users don’t pay attention to URLs in the address bar, they grab whatever is there and paste it in the link href linking to https twitter URLs instead of the proper http account URL. You end up having thousands of bad links.
Twitter bad links

It is extremely important to an SEO site audit. And remember if the smartest people can fall for the most serious SEO mistakes.
1. Do you SEO Site Audit
2. Don’t use relative links on https pages
3. redirect links to proper pages when necessary
4. always use lower case characters in all your URLs

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